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The Groups Behind the Goods

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- Haiti -

In the Haitian village of Jubilee, people are doing something quite remarkable: they’re creating the second story of their lives - replacing a history of handouts with a system of enterprise. In Haiti, we help guide the artisans and entrepreneurs to a path of self-sufficiency. In the U.S. we market the goods and help generate income for folks who’ve proudly earned it.



- Cambodia -

Through job creation in both Cambodia and Nepal, 3seams is striving to stay on the front end of human trafficking. By providing employment opportunities to at-risk individuals in both locations, their goal is to replace the feeling of desperation with feelings of HOPE and of JOY! Their desire is to create not only a place of employment, but also a place of community...a safe place where their artisans can come to support one another, be introduced to Jesus, and grow in their faith if they so choose!



- India -

The dream and goal of AshaBelle is to be a company that impacts the lives of women living in poverty by giving them meaningful work, training, medical assistance, and pays them a fair, livable wage. By helping women thrive and giving them hope for a future, AshaBelle is helping their families thrive, and by extension, an entire community will be strengthened.



- Bangladesh -

Basha dreams of a day when women are not at risk of exploitation and don’t live in fear. They work with women who have been exploited and abused in the past, with a vision to continue to grow as long as there are women in Bangladesh in need of dignified work. Basha believes every woman in their care was created in love and is immeasurably valuable.



- Haiti -

Béljoy was born out of a vision to give women in Haiti an opportunity to earn money through honest and dignified work by teaching them the trade of jewelry making. When you purchase Béljoy, you have personally made an impact on these women by providing them a job and helping them become self-sustaining.



- U.S.A. & Haiti -

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- Asia -

Eden has been working with trafficked girls and women in Asia for over 15 years. In those 15 years, programs have been implemented in five major cities and over 500 women have been rescued. Eden has a thorough and innovative victim support program that is holistic in its approach, and highly effective in the restoration of victims. Eden provides safe shelter, trauma informed care, vocational training and employment to empower each woman that comes through their doors to find their worth, dignity, and renewed hope for the future.


- Nepal -

The "elegant tee" was created by Katie Martinez in 2010 to merge her garment industry experience with entrepreneurship to fight trafficking. It's more than creating stylish clothing, but by opening doors for those rescued, Elegantees provides hope to survivors of sex trafficking in Nepal. The sewing center employs nearly twenty people who earn a positive and livable source of income that reinforces independence, a healthy self-image, and confidence that restores lives.


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- Costa Rica, Rwanda, & U.S.A. -

Hands Producing Hope seeks to provide the economic, educational, and spiritual resources necessary to empower remote communities to rise above poverty. Their vision is to see all people (regardless of gender, ethnicity, or geographical location) be afforded opportunities to have dignified and respectable work, and to provide for their families and flourish in their communities.



- India -

JOYN is committed to bringing you hand-to-market goods with transparent pricing and ethical practices. They believe in products that empower the cultures they come from. Each JOYN product is created from hand-carved blocks, hand-dyed inks, hand-spun and stitched fabric, and repurposed leather.

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- Haiti & Honduras -

Lazarus Artisan Goods is the Social Enterprise Store for Mission Lazarus, a nonprofit organization in Honduras and Haiti. Job creation and social enterprise transform lives, endorse authenticity of God’s love and concern for the quality of daily life of His children, and provide us an opportunity to build spiritual relationships. Our full-time artisans make excellent products while training vocational students in a three-year apprenticeship in sewing, metalwork, carpentry, or leather craft. After paying our artisans, remaining proceeds not only sustain our vocational program but also subsidize medical and dental services for our students.

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- Uganda -

The Mighty River Project partners with Ugandan artisans as they use their craft skills to support their families. The artisans make beautiful baskets, textiles, and beaded jewelry and are paid a fair price upfront for each product. TMRP reinvests the proceeds from purchases, as well as donations received, into the artisans and their families. Each woman in the program receives mentoring, school sponsorship for their children, access to a family medical plan, and any necessary emergency assistance. As TMRP partners with Ugandan women, their standard of living goes up and the likelihood that their children will ever enter institutional care goes down.



- Haiti -

Papillion’s mission is orphan prevention through job creation in Haiti. Papillon provides hope to Haitian Artisans with the dignity of a job, training, and the ability to create something new out of something discarded and seemingly unusable. They use metal, cardboard, aluminum, dirt, and paper to make jewelry and other beautiful things. They create jobs for mothers & fathers who don’t want to have to abandon their children to an orphanage because they can’t feed them.


Purpose 2.png

- India, Mexico, & Uganda -

Purpose has worked with hundreds of young women around the world for the past 10 years. The art of jewelry making paired with holistic care ensures every artisan receives freedom and hope for the future. Holistic care is provided through their non-profit, International Sanctuary, and includes education, health care, and counseling. Their program provides every artisan with the life skills and opportunities to succeed.


- India -

The mission of Rahab's Rope is to give hope and opportunity to women and girls that are at risk or have been forced into the commercial sex trade of India. They’re provided with a safe and loving environment that will enable them to grow and develop both physically and spiritually. The vision of Rahab’s Rope is to see lives transformed by God's love in action. Each woman in their care is first provided for emotionally, physically, and spiritually, then provided with basic education and training in vocational skills and eventually enabled to re-enter her community in a positive and contributing way. Rahab’s Rope equips each woman to reach out to her community and create a current of positive change.


- Kenya & Haiti -

Sasa Designs started working exclusively with deaf women in Kenya. As their original group's potential has grown, their brand is expanding to work with women and men across the globe who face exceptional physical or geographic challenges in accessing safe, secure and sustainable work. Sasa’s commitment remains first and foremost to provide long term employment and empowerment to those who face the most extreme of hardships in supporting themselves and their families.


- Cambodia -

“Sak Saum” is a verb in Khmer, the primary language of Cambodia, meaning to restore to original condition, to remake as new filled with dignity, value, and beauty. For over 15 years this ministry has worked to rescue, restore, rehabilitate, and transform the trafficked people of Cambodia. Through employment with Sak Saum, women are able to leave prostitution and sex trafficking and be a part of a nurturing, empowering, restorative program that has healed hundreds of lives.

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- Tanzania -

Sifa Threads is passionate about the training and releasing of the young women they work with. There are many programs that offer jobs to women in developing countries, but they believe Sifa reaches much deeper than employment. Providing women with a biblical view of God, themselves and the world around them, education, and their own developed “Big Hope” business plan gives them what they need to succeed in their lives. They believe this is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty in young women.


- Thailand -

Starfish Designs empowers women in Thailand to earn a living and gain respect for themselves.

Starfish Project.jpg


- Asia -

Starfish Project restores hope to exploited women in Asia. They provide life-changing opportunities through their Holistic Care Programs and their social enterprise where women create beautiful jewelry and become managers, accountants, graphic designers, and photographers. Through Starfish Project’s Holistic Care Programs, they provide vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, and education grants for their women and their children.



- Bolivia -

SutiSana was founded by Word Made Flesh in 2010 to provide dignified employment and a new life for women attempting to leave prostitution in El Alto, Bolivia. Word Made Flesh is made up of communities of people called and committed to serving Jesus among people who find themselves in some of the most vulnerable, poverty-stricken and oppressive situations in the world. When a woman joins SutiSana, she receives all benefits, including health insurance. She and her children are supported through community, and she is given opportunities to continually grow – learning to design bags, work with new materials, and even coach other women as they leave prostitution.

Threads of Hope.png


- Peru -

ToH buys and sells textiles created by Peruvian artisans rising out of poverty. They train artisans in quality, design, business, and productizing their goods into sellable merchandise. ToH orders textiles every month from the artisans so a routine income source is created. Most noteworthy is ToH gives back to those they serve, returning 100% of the profit to the artisans.The Hope Grant Fund, created from textile sale’s profit, is yet another tool for empowering project participants. Artisans can access grants for poverty alleviation in the areas of education, housing, healthcare, and small business or community development.

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- India -

Village Artisan is about creating stories of change and transformation in the lives of a growing number of families and communities in North India by training artisans, designing great products and connecting their work to the global market. Every person who is involved from around the world has a unique story - from the artisans who produce beautiful handcrafted products, to the consumers on the other side of the globe who enjoy, appreciate and share them.